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Hello, I'm Alice and I only speak English. I joined to post my art and follow other artists~ I hope we can be friends!!


hella exciting!:

some translations that arent obvious from icons or w/e:


  • 热度 - enjoyed (liked)

  • 评论 - reply

  • 转载 - reblog

  • 推荐 - recommend (i have no clue what this does actually)

making posts

  • bottom left is "cancel"

  • left of green is "preview"

  • drop down menu: publish now, add to queue, set time to publish, save, publish privately

the blog

  • 归档 - archive

  • 私信 - send mail (this is like the fanmail option)

  • 提问 - ask (the usual ask box yeah)

customization page (the first three tabs are obvious)

4: 页面 - add page

5: 互动 - interact

  • the first check box is allow replies, the first bubble is "everyone", the second is "only if they follow me for more than one week"

  • the second check box is allow mail

  • the third is allow asks, and then title of ask, rules for asks, allow anon asks

  • fourth is submit, fairly obvious shit

the rest you probably wont need to use

oh and the last one is "mobile layout" like what you want it look like on phones and shit

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